I love this quote from writer Lowell Thomas, so I wanted to share it with you all for some #MondayMotivation this week.

So often, we feel that we are unable to get things done because of our busy schedules or whatever else. We feel that we don’t have the energy to push a little harder or give a little more towards our goals, especially when we have all of this other stuff going on. Trust me, I feel you. There are so many days when I truly am drained, and don’t seem to have any energy to get writing done or work on other projects.

However, I’ve been challenging myself to do a little more each day than what I think I can do or what I feel like I have the energy to do. And I surprise myself with how much more I get done when I push myself just a little harder.

This quote truly rings true for me, and I hope that it pushes you to do a little more than you think you can do, and go a little harder than you think you can go. Watch what all you’re able to accomplish!

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