Destiny's Child

Inspirational Jam: “Survivor”-Destiny’s Child

I LOVEEEE me some Destiny’s Child y’all. I’ve been watching that group since I was a little kid, and aspired to be half as strong and driven as they seemed to be. I love today’s Inspirational Jam, and I hope y’all too.

After a bunch of drama and members out of the group, in 2001, Destiny’s Child stood strong as a trio—Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. In spite of all that was going in their personal and professional lives, they still came out swinging, ready to put in work. So when they came out with “Survivor,” this really was their testimony. They had survived breakups (professional and personal), depression, rumors, and more. But they still stood strong together!

Knowing that story, and even seeing and hearing how people talked about the group back then, that’s serious inspiration to me. We all go through tough times. Some of us may be in the middle of a health crisis, or going toe to toe with family and friends. Some of us may be dealing with financial chaos or craziness at our jobs. Others of us may be dealing with grief, depression or anxiety.

Whatever your battle is today, remember that you’re going to make it out, and you’re going to come out STRONGER. Don’t give up…we gon’ survive, and keep on surviving! Hope this encourages y’all…

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