LOL This Principal Parodies Mariah Carey and More to Announce Snow Days for Students

principal snow day parodies

LOL this was a really great laugh for Friday. A principal in Kentucky has come up with a pretty clever and funny way to announce snow days for his students, and his students love it!

Chad Caddell, principal of Union Pointe Academy in Florence, KY, did a parody of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” to let the kids know that school would be closed. Of course, the kids would’ve been happy regardless, but this dramatic remix made the announcement even better!

Chad’s done a few of these hilarious snow days updates, using songs from Garth Brooks, Queen, and, most recently, Taylor Swift.





Chad first got the idea during his time as a drama teacher at another school. “We had gone on about a two-week stretch where we had snow days just day after day after day,” he explained to “Parents were losing their minds… so we were like, ‘How can we make this fun and bring some joy to this?'”

So he revamped Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and made “Snowhemian Rhapsody,” much to the excitement of parents and students. From there on out, Chad promised himself that, if he was ever a principal, he’d provide that fun and excitement at the school he ran. And now he has his shot!

Chad’s in his first year as principal at Union Pointe, and he’s delivered on his promise. He even gets suggestions now from fans on Facebook that love his renditions. Too funny! I love that this principal knows how to have fun and brings that great energy to his school!

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