Teen with Down Syndrome Hits Amazing Half-Court Shot

james meiergerd

A Nebraska teen with Down Syndrome hit an incredible shot during a high school basketball game, and his moment has gone viral!

James Meiergerd, who’s a senior at West Point-Beemer High School in northeast Nebraska, is a huge fan of basketball and suits up for the junior varsity basketball team. He started practicing a trick shot to make at half-court with a friend a few weeks ago.

During halftime at a varsity game, James stepped out on the court with his friend, Manny Barragan, to literally shoot his shot. James tossed the ball backwards over his head. He didn’t land the shot at first, but kept on trying. After about 10 tries, he sunk the basket, and the crowd roared with applause!





Watch the incredible moment below!

James’ mom Karen went on to share the video with the Harlem Globetrotters, who were really impressed. So much so that the team shared the video on its own Facebook page, AND invited James out to be their special guest when they come to play in Omaha this April! Nice!



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