Monday Motivation

This #MondayMotivation quote is simple, but it hit me hard. Especially as I’m going into this year, and need to step up my game.

The fear is real, especially when you’re doing something you’ve never done. You may move forward from fear about certain things like public speaking or interviewing when you work regularly at it. However, I think everyone will always have some unease about trying new things in their lives. I know I do. It’s the fear of uncertainty—not knowing what will work out and what won’t.

I don’t believe in being fearless anymore, because fear will always exist. I believe, instead, in being courageous. Moving forward in spite of how you feel and in spite of how scared you may be. That’s how you have to move in life, or you’re going to be stuck right where you are. You feel the fear, and you do it anyway.

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