Inspirational Jam: “Golden”-Jill Scott

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

“I’m taking my own freedom, putting it in my song
Singing loud and strong, grooving all day long…”
—Jill Scott

Today’s great Inspirational Jam has me in a real good mood. It always does!

Jill Scott’s “Golden” is a strong reminder for me to enjoy the life I’ve been blessed with. We all should, really.

Life doesn’t come without its hardships or annoyances, but it’s the little but great moments that make all the difference. Like spending an afternoon with your family or friends, going to a great event around your town, or working towards your actual dream.

I may have some down moments in my life, but I refuse to let them get me down forever. We each only have one life to live, and I’m making mine a great one. Not just professionally, but on a personal level too. Out here really living life like it’s golden! How about you?

Watch the official video below!

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