Words of Wisdom: “Be Curious About Your Craft”-Debbie Allen

As a dancer, choreographer, actress, producer, director AND entrepreneur, Debbie Allen is a legend in the entertainment industry! But she didn’t get there without a lot of hard work and focus on what she wanted to do.

In this Words of Wisdom clip, Debbie opened up to a group of children presumably at her dance academy or another performing arts school. She advised them to constantly be curious about and grow in their crafts, regardless of what it may be, just like she did. Debbie was always intrigued about what was going on around her behind the scenes as she was recorded as a dancer, and she ultimately was able to delve into different fields because of what she took time to learn. “When an opportunity proved close to me, I could grab it,” Debbie said in the clip. “You can’t grab anything if you’re not ready.”

Ain’t that the truth! Whatever your craft is, you should take time to learn the most you can about it and hone it. That could be by taking some classes or going to workshops. You could read and study books. It could be by taking on an internship or job in the field you love to learn from more experienced professionals. Make a decision that you will truly dedicate yourself to the field you love, and commit to learning all you can about it. That way, when opportunity presents itself, you’re ready to go!

Watch Debbie speak below!


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