Monday Motivation

Welp, how are we all doing with those New Year resolutions? I’m sure y’all are rocking them out so far, and I hope you keep going!

This quote from naturalist John Burroughs reminds me of a serious problem I have been trying to work on: rising above. To be real, quite a few people I have interactions with daily get on my LAST nerve, for various reasons. I have found myself getting super frustrated and annoyed very easily, so when I come home to my safe haven, it’s the biggest breath of fresh air and instant peace.

But I shouldn’t let little things upset me so much. My 11-year-old cousin even said to me once that one of my biggest issues is that I let stuff frustrate me too easily. So I’ve been trying my best to not let things that people do and say get the best of me and take me out of character.

I encourage you all to take a deep breath and keep moving, even when problems arise. It’s not easy to do, but, at the end of the day, it only throws you off your game or steals your joy and peace. That’s my big “resolution” for 2018. How about you?  

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