Inspirational Jam: “Ambitious Girl”-Wale

“Ambitious girl, you just wanna win, and you’d rather chase your dreams than to try to chase these men…”


This Inspirational Jam today is just for the ladies. And it’s…less of a song, but more of spoken word set to music.

Wale‘s poem “Ambitious Girl” is for all of the women out there working their butts off to achieve their dreams. It’s not always a pretty or perfect journey. It can be downright rough, if we’re honest. But our dreams are much bigger than any level of discomfort or fear, and we grind hard to make them into reality. Wale celebrates that and encourages us on this track, as he has on others.

I played this ALL THE TIME when it first came out. Seriously. It was a ringtone. It was my alarm. It was playing in my ears on my way to class or when I was typing up papers in college. It was serious motivation back in 2010 going into sophomore year, and still continues to be. I hope it inspires some of you other ladies, too.

Take a listen below!

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