Inspirational Jam: “Get Up”-Mary Mary

Mary Mary

Get up…don’t sit there! Get up…if you wanna get there. Clocks don’t stop and time won’t wait…”

                                        —Mary Mary

Mary Mary came through with this Inspirational Jam back in 2008, and it’s still a hit that I love to play to get my tail into gear!

Get Up” was featured on the sister duo’s fourth album, The Sound, and ended up winning a Grammy for Best Gospel Performance! The contagiously upbeat song will motivate you, even first thing in the morning, to get up and get moving! There’s only 24 hours in a day, so we have to get going and make each moment count for something. That’s what this song is all about.

So whether you’re getting an early morning workout, getting ahead of the game on your side hustle, or getting stuff done around the house, this song definitely will get your day started on the right track!


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