Hillary Clinton quote

Taking this #MondayMotivation quote from Hillary Clinton to heart!

So many of us HATE criticism from anybody, so often calling it as “hate” because it’s not in our favor. And, sometimes, it very well is, and we should let it roll of our backs.

However, a good amount of time, a “hater” is merely somebody trying to offer you constructive criticism that you can use to become better at whatever it is you’re doing.  Case in point, in my early writing days, my blog posts truly showed my age and immaturity. I wrote using a lot of “LOLs” and other internet slang and abbreviations. There’s nothing wrong with it every now and then, but I was doing it a lot and, looking back, it makes me cringe a bit. One day, a reader schooled me saying something to the effect of, “Great post but cut out all of the LOLs…it’s like reading my daughter’s text messages.” Well, dang!

But that reader was right. In order for me to be taken seriously as a writer, I had to up my game. That one little comment in my first year of The Spotlight forced me to take my writing to another level. I have done so ever since, learning new things when it comes to creating content each year. If I had dismissed that person as a hater, I don’t think I would’ve gotten as far as I have as early as I have when it comes to my freelance career.

None of us are perfect, and, sometimes, we need to be made aware of mistakes we don’t even know we’re making. If you really feel like there’s absolutely no merit, then no sweat. Let it go in one ear and out of the other. But, if you can reflect and find even an inkling of truth in another person’s criticism, try your best to take note and learn from it. Constructive criticism will ultimately make you better if you allow it!

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