Chance the Rapper Collabs with Google to Bring Computer Science Education to Chicago Schools

chance the rapper

Chance the Rapper is always doing something amazing to give back to his hometown of Chicago, especially the kids. This time, he’s teamed up with Google in a major deal to bring computer science education to schools in the city!

It’s been confirmed that Google donated $1 million to Chance’s non-profit SocialWorks and another $500K to Chicago Public Schools’ CS4All Initiative, all in hopes of bringing more diversity to the tech field. This big donation will allow kids to be exposed to computer science, and develop more skills with the potential to enter the tech field themselves in the future!

Chance thanked Google on Twitter, revealing that the money will go to 20 schools on the south and west sides of Chicago.

Chance also visited fifth graders at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Academy in the city to make the surprise announcement, and encourage them to try coding!

The major donation will allow teachers to implement computer science programs, along with art classes, in their curriculum. “Our grant with helps SocialWorks provide programming that sheds light on another pathway to success for young Chicagoans,” Justin Cunningham, Executive Director of SocialWorks, stated. “While every student doesn’t need to become a computer scientist, understanding the basics empowers them to understand the world they live in. The opportunity to help kids code to share their music, artwork and distinct point of view is at the core of our mission and an experience we look forward to providing in classrooms across the city.”

This is truly a great opportunity for these kids! New classes like that show them that there is so much that they can do in this world to express themselves and make a difference.  Kudos to Chance, his organization, and Google for making it happen!

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