Enough Dreaming and Planning…Time to Execute!

Today marks the start of a new month, and, of course, a lot of us are busy with new projects for December, and coming up with plans for 2018. I’m right there with you.

I was already in the midst of writing this post, because it’s definitely an issue in my life that I struggle with. Then I saw this tweet floating around this week…which got me ALLLLL the way together!


Bruh. Talk about a virtual slap in the face. Because if it’s two things I’m rarely short on, it’s ideas and planners/journals for my ideas. Oh, I’ve got a book full of ideas of what I want to do for this site, what I want to accomplish for my finances, etc. I have lists galore, constantly planning to write this, record that, and finally stick to this editorial calendar all month long.

Don’t we all? We plan and plan and plan, and set goal after goal, and write out all these to-do lists in our nice, clean monthly planners. If you’re like me, you even color-coordinate that sucker to make it look a little pretty (it really does help me, though, so don’t judge!). We plan to create such and such. We plan to go out and grow our network. We plan to go to the gym. And don’t get me started on these dag on New Year resolutions we’re about to see all over the place soon.

But looking back over last month, I realized that the majority of the things I planned to do fell right by the wayside. And it’s been like that for the past several months, and it’s outright ridiculous. That’s when you have to get 150% real with yourself. Sometimes I really am swamped with work and other commitments, but sometimes, I hold on stuff because I’m afraid it’s going to flop. Sometimes I’m just flat out tired with no energy. Sometimes I claim I don’t have enough time, when I really probably be doing at least a little something to push my ideas forward. Whatever happened, most of my plans went straight out of the window. And now it’s another new month.


Listen y’all, we can’t keep going through this cycle! All of this planning is nice on paper, but it means absolutely nothing if you’re not actually executing these ideas and plans. Writing down what you plan to do is nothing but a little busy work to pass the time. It’s the actions behind the plans that matter most. It’s with the actions that you see actual results. 

So I made a commitment that everything I write down in this planner of mine (which I do need or my life would be a hotter mess than it already is), I’m going through with. If I’m even the tiniest bit reserved about it, it’s not going in the planner. I’m also not going to flood

I’m also I think that, instead of making these major lists each month, week, and day that we probably won’t live up to, we ought to give ourselves a few key items to focus on for those time frames. So I’ve been very selective of what I plan to focus on this month when it comes to Imperfectly B, and hopefully that works out better for me. I’m also not flooding my planner with too many goals for 2018, either. I’m focused on a select few, and all of the action items I’m going to have to get done for those. It’s time to get these ideas popping!

[ctt template=”9″ link=”Wzb1M” via=”no” ]It’s the actions behind the plans that matter most. It’s with the actions that you see actual results. [/ctt]

I want the same for each of you! Dedicate this month and 2018 as EXECUTION TIME. Take those ideas and make them happen! Piece by piece…little by little until it’s done. Do what you can with what you have. Don’t focus on what other people have going on. Instead, focus on yourself and your goals, and what YOU are going to do to get there. Because all of that planning means nothing if you don’t actually go through with it. So let’s get it!

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