Words of Wisdom: “Focus on Happiness”-Zendaya

Zendaya is a positive young woman in this industry, very wise beyond her 21 years!

In a clip with Access Hollywood, the actress and singer opened up about the best piece of advice she’s ever gotten. Zendaya revealed that people should focus on happiness, instead of money or other material things. “There are so many people in this industry or just in life in general that are going through their days and may have everything that they ever want, but they’re not happy, ” Zendaya said. In fact, she’s so in tune with that idea, that, every day, she strives to make at least one person happy through kind words or deeds!

Watch below!

It’s a special message that I want to stick with you all, as I try to make sure it stays in the forefront of my mind as well. So often, we get caught up in the rat race, right? Trying to get ahead and stay ahead in whatever it is that we’re doing. Thinking about getting money and clothes and shoes (which are all nice, don’t get me wrong!). That’s all well and good, but happiness on the inside is what matter most. You could have it all, with no peace and joy inside you. In whatever you do, choose things that make you happy, instead of just doing something for money and material things that are fleeting. 

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