Bride Brings Her Wedding to Hospital So Sick Father Can Walk Her Down the Aisle

Of course, a lot of girls dream of weddings and to have their fathers walk them down the aisle. Vieneese Stanton did too. Only problem was her dad is battling leukemia with months to live, staying in a hospital in California.

However, Vieneese was determined for her dad to not only see her get married, but to also walk her down the aisle. So she and her groom pushed up their wedding, which was originally supposed to be sometime next year, and had it at the hospital where her dad is currently staying!

The staff at the hospital catered as best as they could to Vieneese’s request, helping to create a small but beautiful ceremony...and loving memories for a father and daughter. Too sweet…y’all know I love my feel good stories!


Watch more moments from the ceremony below…

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