Happy Monday everybody…wishing you an amazing week! Ready for some #MondayMotivation?

I love this quote from Anne Sweeney, former Walt Disney exec and a current director for Netflix. It’s a powerful lesson that I had to learn for myself. People in your life may advise you on what you should do in life, and you may be pushed or motivated by words or posts online from other folks you follow. However, it’s completely up to you what you decide to do with your life and how you go about achieving that.

Everyone really has a different idea of from success means. Some people may focus on making money, while others adopt a minimalistic mindset, happier with the little things in life. A few folks may think it revolves around growing and teaching their family. Currently, I’m focused on doing what I love full-time while making a good living from it. Success is relative. No one idea is the only answer.

Whatever you believe success to be, whatever rules you want to create, go for it! Create your own list of goals and how YOU plan to achieve them. It’s cool to listen to and take the advice of others, especially older people with a little more experience, but don’t let your own ideas and terms get lost in the midst of it. It is your life after all!


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