Words of Wisdom: “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud”-Maya Angelou

These Words of Wisdom from the late, great Maya Angelou were definitely words I needed a refresher on when it comes to how I treat others.

In the clip below, the poet and activist stressed the importance of being kind to people that you come in contact with, which we don’t always do for whatever reason. Sometimes we’re tired and just want to be left alone. Sometimes we see people who look different or act different, and we turn up our nose on the inside. If you’re like me, you may not rock real heavy with people who’ve shown their true, ugly colors, either.

This video was a reminder to me to continue to be nicer to those I meet along the way, to share joy and positivity with those people and even you all who are reading this site. Even those who may not look like me, or believe in the same things I do. Even those —UGH—who do wrong against me. I’m working on that, but the way my petty is set up….

Sometimes it’s difficult. REALLY difficult. But I’m working on being a better rainbow to possibly brighten up somebody else’s day. We don’t always know what others are going through, and how we treat them can have a lasting impact on them for the good and the bad. Let’s make a point to be rainbows in other people’s clouds today.

Watch below (I know the link may look broken but it’s not…promise)!

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