Aspiring Eagle Scout Raises $10,000 For Foster Care Kids

A teen out in Missouri recently used his project to become an Eagle Scout to help out kids in the foster care system in a great way!

To earn a spot as an Eagle Scout, you have to create this in-depth project showcasing your leadership skills. So 15-year-old Malachi Saint decided to use his to give back. He made plans to raise money for the Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association (CMFCAA),  setting a big goal of $10,000. However, he had to get his idea approved by the Eagle Board of Review before moving forward.

Though the board was hesitant at first, they eventually agreed after seeing just how much this project meant to Malachi. See, Malachi himself grew up in the foster care system, and wanted to help other kids going through it. His project to becoming an Eagle Scout opened that door of opportunity for him.  “I feel like my whole life I’ve wanted people to have better than I’ve had,” he said in an interview.

Malachi has reportedly already passed his goal and was working on getting even more money raised! All donations are going towards CMFCAA’s Begin Again Backpack program, which provides kids who are transitioning in and out of foster care with backpacks filled with basic needs like clothes and school supplies. “Because of his experience and strength he was able to connect with others from the same situation,” DeAnna Alonso, President and CEO of CMFCAA, said of this amazing teen. “Malachi is a true child advocate and his genuine desire to be a conduit for hope is contagious.”

I’m telling you, these kids out here are incredible. They see problems or issues in their communities, and, instead of just talking about it, they decide to go out here and try to help how they can. Great job Malachi!

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