Inspirational Jam: “Better Days”-Le’Andria Johnson

“I know people, people
They don’t see the hurt you feel inside
But keep on smiling ’cause everything will be alright…”

                                       —Le’Andria Johnson (“Better Days”)

In my last newsletter, I shared this song from singer Le’Andria Johnson with my email subscribers (Get on the list now for more inspiration and exciting updates!). I first heard it for myself on an episode of Greenleaf on OWN, and it came on a day when I really needed to hear it.

Don’t ever let this inspirational site fool y’all. I really am all about uplifting others, but there are times where frustration, anxiety, and hurt get the best of me. I still have days where I’m really down, don’t know which way to go,  and want to throw in the towel. As I’ve written previously, I started Imperfectly B to encourage others, but also to uplift my own self!

So I heard Le’Andria’s song, “Better Days,” when I needed some positive words spoken (or, in this case, sung) to me. This song urges me to keep moving forward, knowing that I will achieve greater things in the future, and that my best days are ahead of me and not behind.

Take a listen below. I hope it encourages you today!

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