Inspirational Jam: “Funny”-Tori Kelly

“If you lose your soul, you lose it all
If you’re at the top, then brace for the fall
Surrounded by faces, but no one to call
Funny how it all goes around…”

                                      —Tori Kelly (“Funny”)

I love me some Tori Kelly, y’all! This girl can SANG. It’s her soulful voice and warm spirit that made me a fan, and I continue to rock with her heavy.

Today’s inspirational jam “Funny,” featured on Tori’s debut album, Unbreakable Smile, is probably one of her most soulful, thought-provoking tracks. The song is all about how easy it is to lose your soul as you seek and attain success. Though the song’s message is more directly related to musical artists, it really can go for anybody.

Obviously, we all want (and need!) money to be able to take care of ourselves, but we sometimes end up doing shady things or even just settling for gigs that don’t satisfy us just to get paid or get ahead. You owe yourself more than that, though. You owe it to yourself to be in a place where you are fulfilled and can develop your own ideas and passions. That can be your own business, or climbing the ladder at your job. It can be creating your own music or art, or developing it for others. And, even if you are doing the balancing act like me (working a 9-5 while working that side hustle), continue to work towards the goals you have for yourself and not just someone else’s! Whatever you do, don’t just succumb to the status quo for some change or attention. 

The newly engaged singer really brought her A-game on this one…check out Tori performing the song below!

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