Middle School Soccer Team Surprised with New Gear and Their Reactions are Priceless

Some young soccer players in Philly got a real nice surprise this week at their school assembly!

A middle school in the area hosted its very first soccer team, but there was a problem—the kids on the team didn’t have the proper apparel.

After hearing about the dilemma, organization Good Sports (known for providing sporting goods to those in need) stepped up to the plate. Reps from the organization gathered the kids together, along with other students, for a special assembly to announce that they were getting brand new soccer uniforms and equipment! And their reactions were priceless!

Check out the surprise below…


Through sponsorships, Good Sports ended up donating over $7,000 worth of apparel and gear to the team, which the kids were truly grateful and excited about. “That’s the best part of my job — seeing the smile on the kids’ faces,” Good Sports CEO Melissa Harper told Inside Edition. “What we know [is that] kids who play do better; do better in life; do better in school. They do better socially. They make better decisions.”

And when the team hit the field for the first time with their new uniforms and newfound confidence, they won the match!


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