Inspirational Jam: “I Will Get There”-Boyz II Men

“I will do this…no matter what it takes
‘Cause I know no limitations
And I’ll reach my destination…I will get there.”

Boyz II Men (“I Will Get There”)

This throwback from Boyz II Men is probably one of my top five songs by them! “I Will Get There” was featured on the soundtrack The Prince of Egypt, one of my favorite childhood movies, and it’s a really moving track that I wish more people knew of. So I’m sharing it today!

The song is all about first being lost in the dark, wandering around to find your life’s destination. It’s painful and depressing, to be honest, but this track inspires faith that we will all make it through whatever pain we’re going through. It could be with our family, our friendship, our jobs, our finances, and so many other things. However, I know I’m optimistic that I will get to a better place in my life, and optimistic for you all too! I hope this song uplifts you today.

Watch the official video below (it’s a little old and grainy, but it serves the purpose!).

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