Words of Wisdom: “Leave a Legacy”-Diane Von Furstenberg

This morning’s Words of Wisdom come from international fashion designer and entrepreneur Diane Von Furstenberg! 

In this short clip with CNBC, Diane talked about, when she discovered who she wanted to be, she was able to share that with other women. Beyond the designs, she wanted to be a woman who was confident in herself and her abilities, and then was able to share that confidence with so many other women! In knowing who you want to be, and working to become that person, you can then share who you are and what you’ve been through with others to help them in life in some way.

Watch below!

And I’m learning your legacy doesn’t have to be some huge thing, either. Of course, Diane has made an international empire that’s all about female empowerment, and I would love to impact even a small fraction of the people she has. I really hope I do as time goes on. But if I can touch just one person with this site, using the gift that God has blessed me with, encourage one soul walking this earth to keep walking, then that really is good for me. 

I think that’s what it’s all about—learning and growing in your gifts for your own fulfillment, sure, but then also to ultimately help and positively impact others. That’s your legacy.

What legacy do you hope you leave behind? 

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