#MustWatch! The Women’s List: Lessons of Dreams, Rejection and Perseverance

I’m such a bingewatcher. Sitting down with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant bring me this incredible happiness and peace (though, in hindsight, I’ve become a homebody and am attempting to break out into the world more…mehhh). Anyway, I always rack up shows, movies and documentaries on my watchlists across the board, and finally decided to take the time to watch some of them as I began cranking out more ideas and content for this site.

As 2017 kicked off, I began to watch and read more films and books to shape my mentality for the things I wanted to accomplish this year. One of the films I had sitting in my watch list on Netflix was The Women’s List, a PBS documentary featuring 15 women in entertainment, business, politics, etc., including Alicia Keys, Edie Falco, Shonda Rhimes, Betsey Johnson and more.

Not only was it inspiring to watch because these are incredible WOMEN out here killing it in their respective fields, but there were a lot of great lessons throughout from these ladies. They all had moments of adversity or failure or setbacks, like we all do, and managed to keep going and reach success. It was crazy inspiring to watch, and had a lot of takeaways.

For example, one of the women featured, Sara Blakely (the inventor of Spanx), came up with and developed the idea for a whole year before she told a soul. Not even her family. The whole point is because when you first come up with your idea is when it’s at its most vulnerable.  Giving yourself time to work before you tell anyone allows you to grow more confident before someone comes along with concerns, poking holes in your dreams and possibly deterring you. Smart lady!


I watched Betsey Johnson speak while in my bed laying on her sheets (no lie), and I’ve always loved how she’s uniquely herself at all times from her designs to her style to her opinions. A lesson I took away from her was to not be afraid of putting yourself out there and just pray that someone relates to you. Clearly that worked for her. Hopefully, others can relate to what I share here from me just being B.

Another big takeaway came from Wendy Williams, surprisingly. Now, I’m not a huge Wendy fan, but I can’t deny that she’s been able to build a major name for herself, so I respect her. The lesson she reminded me of? You can’t do it all…at least you can’t do it all WELL. It really is okay to ask for help or to say no. Which, for a perfectionist/mini control freak like me, is easier said than done, but I try to do better.

Anyways, I strongly suggest you guys check this out! It’s a great watch for anyone, male or female, but ladies, you will definitely feel so empowered after seeing this. You can view this amazing documentary now on PBS.org or on Netflix!

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