Words of Wisdom: “Become a Student of The Game”-Dwayne Johnson

I LOVE Super Soul Sunday and Oprah’s Master Class on OWN! Hearing about and learning from other people’s experiences (from actors and artists to writers and preachers) has been so inspiring and uplifting. I definitely encourage you guys, if you have that network, to watch, or even check out clips on YouTube!

I just watched Dwayne Johnson‘s Master Class episode this week, and there were so many great gems. The one that hit home the hardest for me was becoming a student of the game, aka whatever field that you’re in or want to be in. For Dwayne, as he moved from being one of the biggest names in wrestling, it was acting. And he studied it all, from producing to directing to marketing, all so that he could be an even more valuable asset outside of just the acting piece. “Know your business,” Dwayne advised. 

Watch below!

Having your own site, business, whatever, requires you know a lot more that just the bare minumum, especially in the beginning with no money to take other people on. For me, running this site requires I’m not only a great writer, but that I know social media, search engine optimization, marketing, video and graphics, monetizing, and more. I’m always reading from other bloggers on how to make this site better, and continue to learn. That’s what you have to do in order to succeed, and then actually implement what you learn!

The same goes for you! No matter what you want to do, you have to KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. You have to learn as much as you can in order to continue to grow, and keep learning! Things change, and processes become outdated. It’s your job to stay on top of it all. So commit to being a student of the game, whatever game it is that you’re playing!  

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