Kevin Hart Challenges Beyoncé, Dwayne Johnson and More to Donate Towards Harvey Relief

As we all know, the city of Houston and surrounding areas have been hit heavy by Hurricane Harvey. The catastrophic flooding has left at least ten dead, and thousands displaced from their homes. Seeing the footage has been heartbreaking and I continue to keep everyone affected in my thoughts and prayers.

Kevin Hart decided to step up and create a relief fund of his own for the victims,  and challenged different celebs like Beyoncé, Dwayne Johnson, Steve Harvey, and others to donate too.

“I think we’ve participated in a lot of challenges on the internet. Some meaningful, some meaningless, but we’ve all done them. At this point, I’m going to start a real challenge.”

Watch Kevin’s video below!

Kevin has already committed to donating $50,000, and raised closed to $200K since starting the fund yesterday. You can donate at the link below!

Other celebrities are using their platforms to help as well, like the Houston Texans’ own JJ Watt, who’s raised almost $1.5 MILLION dollars through YouCaring. Many have donated, but others in the surrounding areas have even taking their boats out to Houston to help rescue people! That’s what it’s all about, helping each other when we’re in need. Since, yet again, it seems like the government couldn’t care less…but I digress.

Kudos to Kevin, JJ, and everyone else getting involved! Continue to pray for and help these people hit by this storm in any way you can.



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