LOL: KevOnStage Is Me When It Comes to Liking All Types of Music

KevOnStage videos

Comedian KevOnStage just hit the nail on the head when it comes to liking all kinds of music…and I mean ALL kinds!

For those of y’all who don’t know him, Kev regularly gives his hilarious take on real life topics like, church, music, and relationships. He boasts thousands of followers and millions of views, so he’s definitely out here killing it with his comedy. Over the weekend, he dropped a new video about having an eclectic taste in music, and singing everything from gospel and pop, to R&B and trap (at the top of his lungs no less!). My sister shared it with me, knowing that I could relate This clip is most definitely me…sometimes all in one day. I am not ashamed! 

Definitely a good laugh to kick off the morning. Watch below (FYI–check your volume because he goes in)!

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