Infant Gets Hearing Aid and Listens to Mom’s Voice for the First Time

This video brought me a well-needed smile today!

After receiving a hearing aid, a three-month-old was able to hear her mom’s voice for the first time in a touching video!

Alison Potts was born with Waardenburg syndrome, a rare genetic disorder often characterized by varying degrees of deafness as well as a white forelock of hair and skin pigmentation loss. She passed it on to three of her eight kids, including her youngest daughter, Ellianna, who was born unable to hear.

Well little Ellianna recently received her first hearing aid, and when she finally heard her mom’s voice, the infant’s reaction was so heartwarming!  “It was definitely one of the most fantastic feelings in the world,” Alison told “The expression on her face was priceless.”

Watch the adorable reaction below!


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