Inspirational Jam: “It’s My Time”-Kelly Price

“If I want it, I can have it, I believe it
Done with falling, done with losing, I can do it
I think I’ll tell myself again, I can do it
And I’m not gonna stop till I win!”

                                              — Kelly Price (“It’s My Time”)

Kelly Price‘s “It’s My Time” is MY JAM, and my current mood in life. After feeling down so long, I’m finally on my way up. I’m making changes in my personal and professional life, and 2017 has been great to me because of it. But even if I face hard times, I’m more determined than I’ve ever been before to WIN. I refuse to stop now.

That’s my hope and wish for you all. Really believe that what you want you can actually have, and give it everything you’ve got! 

Watch the official video below!

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