Rihanna Collabs with Bike Sharing Program Ofo to Give Bikes, Scholarships to Malawi

rihanna ofo malawi

Rihanna is big on the importance of education, even meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron recently to discuss the subject. Now the singer, collaborating with bike-sharing program Ofo through her own Clara Lionel Foundation, has created a five-year partnership to provide bikes and scholarships to students in Malawi!

The scholarships will help to pay for schooling beyond high school. The bikes will assist on cutting down on the long walks these students, especially the young ladies, have to make just to get to school. Some students, and teachers as well, have already been provided with some bikes to help get to class on time.

As a global ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education, Rihanna went to Malawi this year, where advancement in school is very low (only 8% of kids go on to secondary school). So it’s clear that she has a heart for these people, and wants to see them have more opportunities, especially the children. 

In addition to helping Malawi, Ofo is working with the CLF to give scholarships to students in China, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, and Rihanna’s own native land, Barbados, who have been accepted to colleges in the States.

It’s really cool to me just how much Rihanna has been able to do charity wise since starting the CLF in 2012. Her foundation has done quite a bit specifically in education and healthcare, causes near and dear to her, and I love reading about it. I look forward to what else she and her team contributes to making this world a better place!

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