Cop Helps Little Girl Hunt for Monsters at Her Home

This story was way too cute not to share!

Four-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch had just moved with her family into a new home in Longmont, Colorado, but was scared to death that monsters were lurking around! “Well, cause I heard sounds when people weren’t up,” the little girl later explained.

While she was at a community event with the Longmont Police there, Sidney met Officer David Bonday, and asked him if he would help her search for the monsters! Officer Bonday happily agreed to join Sidney for her hunt, and showed up to the family home ready to go. He let Sidney use his flashlight as they looked all around the house to make sure nothing was creeping around!  The two were very detailed with the search, looking under couch cushions and even around the front yard.

Watch the hunt below!

To Sidney’s relief, there were no monsters found, but it was really cute and nice that this officer would hear out her concern and then make time to help her. ““It’s just amazing the confidence he’s given her,” Sidney’s mom, Megan Fahrenbruch, said. “We’re truly grateful to live in a town where the police officer will pay a kid any attention.”

Sidney herself wants to be a cop when she grows up, wearing a police uniform pretty frequently. And now she has a friend in Officer Bonday, who may be able to put in a good word for her when she gets bigger!

I thought it was really nice of the officer, and it’s always great to read stories on cops doing good things in their community!

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