Good morning people! It’s Monday and it’s back to the grind. I was on vacation the last week, so getting back to writing today is a little tough, but I’m pushing through.

This #MondayMotivation quote hit me hard when I first saw it. I know, in my professsion, with all of the pitches and job applications I submit, I get a lot of rejection or no responses at all. It’s life. But this quote pushed me to start blogging for myself in the first place. When I first knew what I wanted to do, no one was responding or calling. Opportunity definitely wasn’t knocking at my door. Then I charted my own path and BOOM. Other doors opened, because I had developed my own. 

Sometimes, when opportunities don’t come, you have to start making your own path, especially for us creatives. The writers, the artists, the musicians, etc. Whether it be starting your own blog or website, developing a SoundCloud to share your music, or what have you, sometimes you have to create your own opportunity rather than wait on somebody to give you one. 

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