Impromptu Video: B Encouraged

TGIF y’all! Can’t even lie, this morning was BAD for me. Like, “Hit a tree stump, was stuck on the side of the road on a dangerous curve when people fly by daily, tire and who knows what else is jacked up, running crying to my dad” kind of terrible. BUT I’m alive and well, and that’s what matters most. 

Gotta admit though, it messed my mind up this morning because, for one, I felt stupid as all get out for hitting a tree stump. Two, I immediately got anxious because now I have to pay more money to fix my car after I just shelled out a bunch of funds for it over this past month. And three, I felt discouraged because with every win lately, big or small, it’s been something bad creeping up behind me, especially when it comes to my money.

After I cried it out and had some prayer time, and a short talk with a co-worker, I was reminded that setbacks will ALWAYS come in life, especially when you’re on the rise. And I believe they can come, at times, to keep you down, if you let them. It’s how you handle these setbacks that will determine your ultimate outcome. So I recorded an impromptu video venting my feelings about all of this. I recorded in a back space at my 9-5, so it’s messy and I’m walking around because I was still very wound up, so it was soothing to walk and talk. Please ignore the mess and focus on the message HA! Watch below…

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