Words of Wisdom: “Why You Should Be Selfish”-Prince EA

When I tell people that it’s okay to be a little selfish, I automatically get the crazy looks like that’s wrong. A lot of us are used to taking care of and being there for other people…so much so that we lose ourselves in the process. We don’t take good enough care of ourselves, because we’re so focused on others, and that’s not good.

This video I watched from spoken word artist/rapper/filmmaker Prince EA speaks on just that. It’s perfectly okay to be selfish, and get yourself together before you take care of other people. Matter of fact, it’s VITAL. How can you truly be present and help others if you haven’t even helped yourself? You have to secure your own self physically, mentally, financially, spiritually, in whatever is the best way for you. Then you can give of your full self to others! In fact, as Prince EA says, it becomes your duty and obligation to do so.

Watch below…

So remember, first, take time for yourself. Get yourself right, and THEN reach over to help others!

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