Why Kehlani Is A Prime Example of Walking Confidently in Your Purpose

I had no intention on writing this post today, especially because my body is still sore from this show last night, but I had to write it. Inspiration literally strikes everywhere when it comes to this site, and I had to share!

I remember hearing Kehlani‘s song, “You Should Be Here,” for the first time on the radio, and immediately fell in love with this girl. I flocked to get her mixtape of the same title, and found out that this was her second. She was out for a little while, but I could tell this girl was going to rise pretty quickly.

Kehlani has been through so much already in her life before hand, but a lot also since she became the star she is—good, bad and ugly, but, from what I saw, a lot of good. Until her tragic suicide attempt last year stemming ugly rumors and comments surround her relationships with Kyrie Irving and Partynextdoor. Not even going to go into detail about all of that, but she had to have been broken to try to end her life.

Last night, though, seeing this girl for the first time live, I saw a woman who knows who she is and what’s she’s made for, and is walking confidently in it.  Kehlani truly is made for the stage AND SHE KNOWS IT. Beyond just her great vocals and dancing, you could see it in her eyes that she’s living in her purpose. Using her platform, music, and life story, Kehlani is able to make a positive imprint on others. She sang and danced with passion, but also spoke encouragement to her fans. Through whatever processes it took over this past year, she seems to have found her way back up, and is helping others do the same. I truly did watch her in awe. I shudder to imagine if she had really left this world in that way. She’s not just a singer and a dancer or celebrity. She’s a living person, and EVERY living person has a purpose, whether he or she knows it or not.

Watch some of Kehlani’s performances tonight (***Warning: some explicit language***)

One powerful word Kehlani gave towards the end of the show was to give yourself credit for who you are and the things you’re doing (reiterating what I JUST wrote about last week in being proud of yourself), to trust God, and to never doubt yourself.  You can tell now that’s exactly where she is in her own life and career. She probably went through her own times of self doubt and walking around discouraged (and maybe she still does at times), but look at where she is now. She’s walking confidently in who she is and what’s she’s made for, and is using her gift to impact others on a positive tip.

Even though it was just a lit show to many, it was an inspiring moment for me to watch Kehlani. Her performance and words encouraged me to continue to walk in my own purpose with this writing thing of mine. And hell, be a sweet sexy savage myself! Things get tough, and sometimes, I really do want to just settle in and live a life of mediocrity. But God ain’t make me for that! My family and community didn’t build me up for that.

You aren’t made for that either. I’m a firm believer that we aren’t meant to be average people. We settle into mediocrity at times, but that’s not what we were made for. Once you find your purpose, that thing that sets your soul on fire that you couldn’t stop doing even if you tried, you have to walk confidently in that direction. It could literally be anything. And, who knows, that gift may just help somebody else along the way.

Whatever it is, go after it wholeheartedly, no matter what comes your way. If you stumble or fall, dust yourself off, and keep going! 



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