Navy Wife Shocks Her Sailor After His Deployment with Pregnancy Surprise

This story made me smile and shed a few tears too on this beautiful Friday morning. Now, I’m a complete sucker for military homecomings, but this one was even more special and exciting to watch!

Last month, a Navy wife surprised her husband returning from deployment in a pretty big way…quite literally. About a week after Chris Daugherty was deployed to the western Pacific in January, his wife, Natasha, found out she was pregnant with their fourth child. She thought about calling on Skype to reveal, but nah, that wasn’t special enough. Instead of telling Chris while he was away, Natasha waited a full SIX MONTHS so she could surprise him when he got home. And man, was he shocked!

Natasha did well in keeping things a secret, especially online. She would even place her 18-month-old daughter over her growing baby bump so Chris wouldn’t suspect anything. So, when the time came to pick him up, Natasha held a sign over her stomach that said “Welcome Home Baby Daddy.” Of course, the sailor didn’t think anything of the sign, because, he already has three kids, a son and two young girls. But when she put that sign down, revealing she was 7 1/2 months pregnant, he couldn’t help but look at that bump and ask, “Is that real?!”

Watch the great moment below!

Chris and Natasha had been trying for another baby, so it was definitely an exciting moment for Chris. The happy couple and their family also recently found out they’re expecting a beautiful baby girl in August! Congrats to them!!!

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