Inspirational Jam: “Be Alright”-Kehlani

“Someone told me, ‘Babe when the tide gets high, you just get low
Hold your breath and take it slow.’
Yes I might get wet, I might get thrown
But I’ll resurface all on my own.”

                                             –Kehlani (“Be Alright”)

This song from Kehlani is actually one of my favorites from her! I’m going to see her perform tonight, so I thought it would be fitting to feature her for today’s Inspirational Jam.

Be Alright” is featured on Kehlani’s second mixtape, You Should Be Here, and always brings me encouragement. The music itself, along with her voice, is so calm and soothing, but it’s the lyrics that get me every time. The gist of the song is that life will hit you with all kinds of craziness, much like waves hitting you as you hit the water at the beach. What’s most important is that you resurface, and come up stronger afterwards.

Please know, whatever you’re going through, you’re gonna be alright! 

Take a listen to the song below!

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