Words of Wisdom: “Curate Your Own Life”-Lady Gaga

Back in 2015, Lady Gaga spoke to students at Yale at the Emotion Revolution Summit. While vulnerably opening up about her own depression in the midst of her success, and how she now chooses to look after her own well-being and “curate her own life,” rather than just following what other people think.

Watch Gaga speak below!

It was a powerful video to watch because, for one, Gaga has overcome a lot in her life, so to watch her speak about all of this was great. Two, so often, we let other people’s opinions sway us into doing things we really don’t want to do, especially the youth. I know I did when I was younger! I’m all for accepting advice (from people I actually trust enough to listen to…which is a VERY short list, let me tell you). However, it’s up to each individual to choose what it is that they do or don’t do.

Don’t blindly just follow other people’s opinions out of fear or wanting to go along just to get along or whatever other reason.  If you want to go after that goal, but people in your life don’t think it’s possible, go after it anyway. If you need time away from others to regroup and get your own life back on track, do so. If you want to stay in instead of going out all of the time, do that then. You only get one life, so why waste it by letting other people run it? Curate your own life, and make it the best it can possibly be for YOU.


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