Happy Monday y’all! I know most of you are off today for Fourth of July weekend. Me? I’m sitting at my 9-5……yup. But it’s cool. I’m still motivated and looking forward to having tomorrow off AND this chill day today since most people are off anyway!

This quote is definitely a major push for me as I start off this week. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to give up sometimes and just settle for the place where I am. Sometimes these rejection letters for new opportunities or no responses bring me down, and I want to be done. Sometimes I want to just lay back and do nothing after I get off of work. Sometimes I want to go the hell to sleep instead of pushing through and writing these posts. Life would be way more simple.

But as Solange Knowles sang on her track, “God Given Name,” I’ve got a dream to keep my eyes open. I’ve reached some pretty big milestones this year, and am looking forward to reaching more. But if I quit, I won’t get there. If I settle, I won’t ever know what could be. So I fight through my feelings and keep working. The only way you’ll succeed is if you keep trying, and it’s that “one more try” or “one more time” that will catapult you to success. So just give it one more try this week, okay?

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