LOL: YouTuber Khadi Don Remixes Eminem’s “Stan” For Beyoncé

This was definitely a much needed laugh this morning!

As most of us normal people do, I LOVE Beyoncé and consider myself a member of the BeyHive, though more on the chill side! There are definitely different levels to being a fan and a full fledged member of the Hive. Well, YouTuber Khadi Don took her standom to a whole other level. She did a special dedication to Queen B, putting her own spin on Eminem‘s “Stan.” Which, if you’ve ever heard the song or seen the video, is about this crazy dude who goes off for Em HARD.

In this cover, so does Khadi, who’s a little bothered that she didn’t get an invite to Bey’s recent delivery of her twins, because they’re supposed to be besties! The girl got her hair dyed blonde like Bey’s, tweets and writes to the woman regularly, and even has two goldfish named Blue and Ivy. I CANNOT!

Watch below!

 Be sure to check out more of Khadi on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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