Words of Wisdom: “Holding Onto History, You Could Lose Your Destiny”-Bishop T.D. Jakes

This old video is definitely a MAJOR WORD from Bishop T.D. Jakes!

During one of Oprah‘s famed life classes on OWN, Bishop Jakes gave this powerful message of letting go of your past to make it to your destiny! And if you don’t, there’s a possibility that you’ll miss out on where you should be, because you won’t have enough energy to go after more. “If you’re going to spend all of that energy energizing where you’ve been, then you’re not going to have the fuel and the fire and the tenacity and the aggressiveness that you need to energize where you’re going,” Bishop Jakes said in the video. Case in point, LET. YOUR. PAST. GO. 

Often, we stay stuck for a while in what happened to us in our past, rehearsing those moments in our minds and not moving on to what’s ahead for us. Not even just the bad parts of your past that you need to forgive others or even yourself for, but also, to me, your past SUCCESSES. Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the good old days too! So much so, that you feel entitled and stop working as hard or as smart as you need to. Stop rehearsing the past, and embrace the possibilities of your destiny! 

Watch Bishop Jakes’ message below…

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