Baby Makes Her Own Artwork for Her Room and It’s Incredible!

Ryan and Raniece Dalton have a little Baby Picasso on their hands!

These parents let their 16-month-old daughter Maya’s creativity run wild, even as a toddler. “I like her to explore and be free,” Ryan said of his daughter to Buzzfeed.

Ryan, Raniece, and Maya Dalton
Ryan Dalton / Buzzfeed

So when Ryan and Raniece bought their first home, Ryan decided to let Maya create her own artwork for her room. He laid out a canvas and paints, kind of showed her how to brush the paint on, and then let her go at it. The results were incredibly surprising!

Maya, who had never painted before except one brief moment at a children’s museum, was “very particular,” about how she painted. The baby ending up creating this beautiful abstract painting that some art connoisseurs might want in their own homes. Shoot, I kind of want it myself!

maya painting 1
Ryan Dalton / Buzzfeed

Here’s another she created with a black canvas!

maya painting 2
Ryan Dalton / Buzzfeed

This made me smile so much! For one, the art is extremely dope. What’s even cooler though, is that Ryan and Raniece are helping to cultivate their child’s creativity even at this young an age. I know she’s a baby and all, but she might have an eye! Maybe she’ll grow up and be an artist herself in some years…

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