Father’s Day: A Tribute to My Dad and What He’s Taught Me

I want to wish a very happy Father’s Day to all of the great fathers out there! Thank you for all you do, and enjoy your day today!

In the same way that I did a post for my mom on Mother’s Day, I would be remiss if I didn’t celebrate my dad. I can’t even fake. I’m definitely a Daddy’s girl. We can bump heads and all, but I know that, no matter what, that man has my back and will be there for me in a second. He’s already proven that over the years, and continues to. My father is a great example of how a man should be, and what I’ve sought in my own relationship.

One of the biggest things my father has taught me how to truly be a leader. He’s always thrust into different roles in leadership, and it never surprises me, because people see what I see—a man who truly lives out the ideals and values he has as a man of God. Simply put: He doesn’t just talk about it. He’s ’bout it. My dad never asks anything of anyone that he isn’t willing to do himself, and he often volunteers to help others without needing to be asked. He works well alongside people, and is always open to other people’s ideas rather than just his own. He stands tall in his convictions, no matter who may agree or not. That inspires me to be the same in my own life.

me and dad
Dad and I before I left to study abroad in Australia back in 2011

Dad also taught me the importance of hard work. Over the years, he worked his way up in the ranks of sales, becoming one of the top salespeople in his current company with decades of experience under his belt. See, some people legitimately want to play like they’re grinding to impress whoever. My dad truly puts in the time and energy that’s required to be one of the best, not just for his own personal goals, but, ultimately, for his family. Seeing that regularly pushes me to keep going even when I think about giving up.

In more recent years, Dad helped me learn one of my most important lessons: persevering in the midst of adversity. I had faced some challenge when I was in high school and college, but that didn’t compare to when I hit the REAL real world after graduation. Life came at me hard and fast, and kept on knocking me flat on my back. After all of the misses, the rejections with other opportunities, and my delays in life, I began to live like I was defeated and wanted to just give in. Like I wasn’t a child of God and a victory wasn’t promised to me already. Even though I was too in my feelings at the time, my dad kept telling me my time was coming, but that I HAD to keep plugging away. I had to keep pushing through in spite of how I felt to get to what God has for me. Slowly, but surely I’ve been getting there. I’m glad my dad kept on encouraging me.

Me, my dad, my sister and my cousin on Father’s Day 2016

Daddy, thank you for all of the lessons you’ve taught me over the years (Yes…I really do listen!). Thank you for continuing to be there for me, and for the love you consistently show me, Alexis, and Bre. If it’s one man on this earth I know I’ll always be able to depend on, it’s you. I love you, and happy Father’s Day!


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