World’s First Museum of Happiness is Coming to the UK

No, that title is not a joke, and I’m all here for this! The world’s first Museum of Happiness is coming to the UK this September!

The museum has been running as a nonprofit for the past two years, providing workshops, classes, and pop-up events for things like mindfulness origami, laughing yoga, ukulele lessons, art, and dancing. Just fun to stuff to get people smiling and laughing! Now, the Museum of Happiness has an official location.

After raising over $36,000 in one month on Crowdfunder, the organization will open up their physical museum at Arlington House – the UK’s biggest homeless hostel in Camden, London.“At the Museum of Happiness we offer tangible, science-based tools you can implement into your everyday lives. Our society needs such physical spaces like a Museum of Happiness to explore this vital skill, emotion and state of being in a secular way,” the museum said in a statement. “Most importantly, we can run initiatives to bring people together to create friendships, have fun and find balance in a city of chaos, regardless of your background or belief system.”

Hopefully with donations, as well as memberships and other programs, the museum will be free for people to come visit. The team also plans to develop outreach programs to collaborate with homeless shelters, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and youth centers.

Can you imagine this being your actual job?! Coming up with ideas and developing workshops, events and exhibits literally to make people smile? I would love that! Might need to make a visit over to the U.K. to go visit…

Head on over to the official website for the Museum of Happiness to learn more about their work!

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