Deaf Singer on America’s Got Talent Amazes Us with Her Incredible Story and Talent

A video has been circulating around this week from NBC‘s America’s Got Talent with an amazing audition from a deaf singer, Mandy Harvey!

Singing since she was 4, Mandy lost her hearing at 18 because of a connective tissue disorder. She got sick, and her nerves deteriorated, resulting in her loss of hearing. However, she took the time to learn how to continue to sing, learning how to trusting her pitch and keeping her shoes off while performing to feel the vibrations of the music to stay on beat.

For her audition, Mandy sang an original song called “Try,” which she wrote to push herself to continue to keep going, and not just give up because of her hearing loss! It brought the audience to their feet, and moved tough judge Simon Cowell so much that he hit the “golden buzzer” (which lets her go straight directly to the semi-finals!)

Watch Mandy below!

When I first saw this, I was brought to tears (I’ve become such a big crybaby now). Mandy’s story and perseverance moved me so much. I didn’t once feel sorry for her, because she doesn’t feel sorry for herself. She keeps on trying, pursuing her music wholeheartedly. It was a reminder to push through my circumstances, and to continue to try no matter what comes my way! Hopefully, this inspires you all to do the same!

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