Katy Tiz

Inspirational Jam: “Whistle (While You Work It)- Katy Tiz

“My day one rule is keeping my cool, even if I’m broken up. If you blow my high, you won’t see me cry…”

                                                                 -Katy Tiz

Happy June y’all !!! New month. New goals. Same good vibes. 

I don’t remember what show I was watching when I first heard this song a while back, but this has definitely become one of my favorite morning jams to wake me up. Katy Tiz’ 2015 single, “Whistle (While You Work It), is a push to keep looking up, no matter how rough it gets in life.

“It was a really rough period in my life and so far the most testing part. My brother called me and was like, ‘Get up, chin up and remember why you do this,'” the British singer said to Idolator that year. “My thing is, whatever happens to you in life, no one can take your dignity and your class away from you. That’s up to you whether you lose them or not. That for me is what “Whistle” is about.”

Definitely a good kick off to this new month…watch the official music video below!

Share what you think of this track in the comments! 

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