Words of Wisdom: “Failure is the Mother of All Success”-Pitbull

Pitbull shares powerful words of wisdom on how failure ultimately leads to success!


Pitbull, Mr. Worldwide himself, had some very wise words regarding failure. In the short motivational video below,  he shared how failure truly is the mother of all success, citing popular figures like Michael Jordan and Walt Disney, who saw heartbreaking failure before becoming who they are known as today. He even spoke on his own experience as an artist, being told that he didn’t have hit records. Look at him now!

I watched this video and it definitely helped to push me through some recent rejection of my own. I really used to fear failure and rejection. So much so, that I wouldn’t even risk going after new things or networking with people to grow my career. Nobody likes failure, but failure is necessary in life. We might hate to hear it, but it’s true. Failure shows you where you still have room for improvement. Failure, if you have the right mindset, pushes you to keep going until you succeed. Failure ultimately gives you a greater appreciation for the wins that come later!

Check out Pitbull’s powerful words below!

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