Inspirational Jam: “keep your head up high”- Swiss Indie Rock Group mellowtone

Swiss trip hop / indie rock band, mellowtone, brings our inspirational jam of the week with their track, “keep your head up high!”

“Don’t be shy…don’t be afraid to go your own, to go your own way.”


Today’s inspirational jam is a submission from Swiss trip hop / indie rock band, mellowtone! (Sidebar: if you are an artist with some great, inspirational music of your own, feel free to reach out.)

This track from mellowtone, “keep your head up high,” is calm and soothing, but motivating at the same time. Featured on their 2017 album, broken rooms, the song inspires me to hold my head up high in spite of what may come my way. No matter what you’re going through or feel as you move through life, be proud of what you’re doing and continue to head down the path to your destiny! Everything isn’t going to be peaches and cream 100% of the time, but keep your head up, all right? We’re going to make it.

Take a listen below!

<a href=””>broken rooms by mellowtone</a>You can check out more from mellowtone on their socials below!

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