Inspirational Jam: “Job”-August Alsina feat. Anthony Hamilton & Jadakiss

“Lord knows I work hard, but I still got to stay on my job. And I ain’t taking no days off…won’t stop ’til the day it pays off, it’s hard work!”

                                                           -August Alsina (“Job”)

Another inspirational jam to keep you pushing through!

August Alsina‘s song “Job,” featuring Anthony Hamilton and Jadakiss, is INSTANT motivation for me. From his sophomore album, This Thing Called Life, August sings about his goals of being a boss, recognizing the hard work he has to put in to get there.

Look, times get hard, and I’ve got a lot to do. We ALL do. But we have to stay on top of the grind out here! This song is a push when I don’t feel like working or writing, reminding me that I have goals to reach. To do that, I’ve got to stay on my job! Y’all do too! Hopefully this is motivation for you guys today and moving forward.

Take a listen below!

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