Happy Monday everybody….yeah I’m tired too. But here’s a #MondayMotivation quote to keep us pushing towards our goals! 

I’ll be honest. I have all of these ideas that I’m constantly cranking out, right? But I get lazy and fail to execute them like I should sometimes. Case in point, this weekend. Outside of take my little cousin to SkyZone for her birthday and go to the gym once, I didn’t do much of anything on my to-do list. I told myself the BS excuse that jumping around on trampolines really did my body in (it kind of did though), and I needed to rest. That rest turned into me mostly binge-watching on Netflix all weekend! And this morning, I’m paying the price, trying to do a bunch of stuff that I should’ve done on those two days off from my 9-5.

There’s nothing wrong with having lazy moments or the occassional lazy weekend. But this morning, this quote came to mind for me. I’m not in direct competition with anyone but myself, but I will definitely fall behind in my work if I don’t push through my being tired or wanting to chill and watch my shows all the time.

We’ve all got a special talent or gift that we can develop into so much more. We’ve all got a dream that we want to see come into fruition. However, we’ll get left behind if we’re not consistently working toward those things. You can’t just rely on your talent in order to make it. Without hard work, talent ultimately falls to the way side. 

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